Sunday, August 27, 2006

update on Guimaras oil spill

Dear Friends,

The Visayan Sea Squadron, currently headed by Atty. Antonio Oposa, along with Senator Cayetano, Congressman Acosta and Congressman Roces recently assessed the damage along Guimaras last August 26, 2006. With heavy hearts and tearful eyes, they watch helplessly as oil slick and sludge slowly ate up what was left of the rich marine life that was carefully protected by Guimaras. Recent reports have confirmed that four coastal towns of Iloilo have already felt the effect of the oil contamination, namely Ajuy, Concepcion, Barotac Nuevo and Dumangas. A few more days and it will reach Eastancia and the northern area of Iloilo, where Panay's fishing port is located. It is this alarming rate that more efforts in prevention of its continuing spread is taken.

As i type, the oil spillage slowly encompasses the areas around Guimaras Island and is now moving up towards the north through Guimaras Strait, damaging Panay and Negros in its wake. Families dependent on their fishing livelihood are robbed of their means of living. Our rich seafood is contaminated, and we are slowly but surely killed with health problems resulting from this terrible environmental disaster. With 2 million liters of oil spillage each day leaking out to destroy what is left of our natural resources along in Guimaras, recent reports say it is the worst natural disaster our country is facing.

We encourage fellow filipinos to help out in the cause of preventing its spillage to reach further waters, and as much as possible, clean up the damage done. We appeal to all filipinos to help out and be more aware of the situation. We appeal to members of Congress, the Senate and other government officials to help us by thoroughly investigating this matter and TAKE ACTION.

It is for this cause that i am coordinating with them to create this donation drive. In lieu of cash, we are readily accepting donations of fishing rubber boots, rubber gloves and masks for the volunteers and fisherfolk who are, as i type, working to clean up the damage, with no thought of their health. They go through the muck in sandals and slippers, with not even a mask to protect their lungs. We also accept donations of hair and chicken feathers to create brooms needed to mop up the oil.

We thank our donors and volunteers for their generosity. As of this weekend, we have received donations bnoth in cash and in kind from the following:

-LV Fisheries (donations of fishing boots)
-Ms. Johanna Clavecilla (cash)
-Mango Comics (cash)
-Mr. Eugene Tan (donation of gloves)

Our first shipment of donations will be on the 30th of August, 2006. Due to those who were unable to send us donations during the week, we have extended our initial deadline to that date. You can still donate to us up until the 29th of August for the first shipment --- For those in the QC area, please send over donations to 12 Highland drive Blueridge A, Katipunan Q.C. Please contact the number below if you want to have your donations picked up instead. :-) Cash is also a good alternative, for those who shall donate this, we will be buying the much needed materials for you, and put the donation under your name. Please contact the individuals below on where to channel the cash donations if ever, since we don't have an account up yet. You can also send it in through the address given.We thank all those who have readily sent cash and the abovementioned donations, your efforts and willingness to help have given much needed hope to us and families affected by this disaster. Our next shipment shall be on the Sept. 5, 2006.

Please attach with your donations your name and contact number so we can update you on the progress .You can also contact these numbers for more info and volunteer help:

Archie (0919 2253262)
Haydee (0928 2313193)
Lette (0915.7854035)

You can also email us at
You can also drop off donations (cash or kind) at the College of Fine Arts in UP-Diliman, Q.C. Please look for Jen Alfon-Adano (faculty)

For more information and updates, please check, and .

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